Dark Bonnie + Kol would make my day. 

Caroline Forbes, “Graduation”

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❝ I don’t want to disappoint girls who might think I’m very cool and smooth, which I’m not, I’m afraid. I’m still quite shy, although that seems to be something of an attraction for women. 

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Paul Wesley on Young Hollywood

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"Well that's the other problem with people today, they've lost faith and in that loss they no longer know who they should fear."

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I remember when I was eight, I dressed up as Princess Jasmine and I got to wear red lipstick for the first time.  My mom says when I put it on, I suddenly took on this whole new personality - way more mature and very glamorous!

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Your brother’s lack of communication is infuriating

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”I do care. I want stupid koala corsages and a prom. I want to have kids with someone who loves me enough to stand outside my window with a stupid boombox. I want to be human”

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Delena + happiness.

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